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Filing Your Thesis, Dissertation, or DMA Supporting Document


Congratulations on nearing completion of your advanced degree at UCSB!

​The minimum requirements to meet a filing deadline are:

1) Electronically file your thesis/dissertation/DMA supporting document with ProQuest by the deadline.

2) Submit your original signature page ("wet" signatures) to the UCSB Graduate Division by the deadline.

3) Download the Filing Checklist for more details, and please email with any questions.

Please watch our Filing Video for detailed information about the filing process.   

You can download the Step by Step Filing Tutorial POWERPOINT (Please click "Download" - there is no preview available for this large file).

You can also download the Step by Step FILING TUTORIAL PDF.

See below for resources that will help you complete the filing process. 

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Thesis/Dissertation/DMA Supporting Document Templates

Master's Thesis
PhD Dissertation Word | LaTex
Joint Doctoral Dissertation
Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

* Please note: We cannot guarantee that using the templates will produce an acceptable document as editing documents can inadvertently change the format. You can always print out parts of your document for an adviser at the UCSB Graduate Division office to check prior to e-filing. 

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​​ ​​​​ ​​Thesis/Dissertation/DMA Supporting Document Filing Checklist
This is a helpful list of final requirements to complete the filing process.

This is where you electronically file your Thesis/Dissertation/DMA Supporting Document.

Exit Surveys
These are required for doctoral students. 
Survey of Earned Doctorates (Optional to include last 4 digits of SSN)
UCSB Doctoral Exit Survey FAQ

Guide to Formatting & Filing Theses & Dissertations
Policy, procedures, and requirements for fomatting and filing

ProQuest Publishing Guides

UCSB Publishing Agreement
UCSB dissemination options and policy on delaying release (embargo) of your thesis, dissertation or support document

Delayed Release/Embargo of Your Electronic Thesis/Dissertation/DMA Supporting Documents (ETD)

Copyright, Coauthorship, and Reprint Permissions

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Thesis & Dissertation/DMA Supporting Document Filing Online Tutorial (Video)
Online presentation which includes information regarding the filing process, copyright, formatting, diplomas, etc.

Slides from Tutorial (PDF)
Submitting your Thesis/Dissertation on ProQuest: A screen-capture tutorial with step-by-step instructions to guide you through electronic filing with ProQuest

Common Filing Mistakes
Video tutorial outlining common mistakes made when formatting and filing.