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Delayed Release/ Embargo of your Electronic Thesis or Dissertation (ETD)

Students may choose to delay the release (embargo) of their ETD due to a pending patent, publication, or other reason.  Students are urged to embargo an ETD only if it is absolutely necessary, as it is the University’s mission to distribute knowledge to the public.


During the electronic filing process with ProQuest, students are asked to select publishing options for the ProQuest (PQ) version of the ETD and UCSB’s Institutional Repository (IR) version of the ETD.

ProQuest (PQ publishing options)

Students may choose any embargo period with ProQuest.  A period longer than 2 years does not require additional approval.  Students request the embargo during the e-filing process or by contacting ProQuest after the document has been delivered.

Institutional Repository (IR publishing options)

Students may choose to embargo their IR ETD for up to two years.  Requests to embargo for longer than two years require approval from the Thesis/Dissertation Chair and the Dean of the Graduate Division (using the Dissertation/Thesis Delayed Release (Embargo) Request form).  This form can be submitted during the e-filing process or later after the initial embargo period expires.

Additional Information regarding embargos

ProQuest Guide:

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UCSB ETD Publishing Agreement: