Information for Students

Special Needs or Assistance

Students or faculty with hearing, sight, or physical disabilities who may need special assistance should contact Assistant Dean, Christian Villasenor, via email at or by calling (805) 893-2013.

Clothing and Sun Protection

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. The walk to the commencement site from the Events Center is approximately one-quarter mile on uneven pavement.
Sunglasses and sunscreen are recommended. The late-afternoon sun can be hot and the glare intense.


Renting Regalia

Students can rent cap with tassel, gown, and hood from the UCSB Bookstore starting on Monday thru Sunday, June 12th, 2017 - June 18, 2017, from 8:30am - 5pm at the UCSB Bookstore.

  • The 2017 cost of renting complete master’s regalia is $79.99 and the cost for renting complete doctoral regalia is $84.99.
  • Size selection is best early in the week.
  • Rented regalia must be returned at the end of the ceremony to the UCSB Bookstore tent.
  • If you have questions about regalia rental, call (805) 893-2330 or consult the UCSB Bookstore website.

Buying Regalia

Students may purchase part or all of their regalia from the UCSB Bookstore.  Orders must be submitted in advance in order to arrive by Commencement. For more information please call (805) 893-2330 or consult their website.

Be advised that you may be contacted by outside regalia vendors. The UCSB Bookstore is the only authorized vendor for UCSB regalia and can guarantee the authenticity, quality, and reliability of your doctoral regalia.

For information on regalia rental and purchase as well as commencement memorabilia and announcements visit the UCSB Bookstore.

Check In at the Events Center

Students should plan to arrive at the Events Center (map) ​wearing your regalia, between 2:30 and 2:45 p.m. This will allow time to check in, use the restrooms, take care of regalia, line up, etc.

Signs above each table will indicate where you should check in and pick up your stage pass. In early June, a diagram of the line-up and tables for check-in will be available on the Graduate Division Commencement website.

The procession will leave the Events Center promptly at 3:40 p.m.

  • Note: For security reasons, only students and their professors will be allowed in the Events Center. Please ask your family and friends to go directly to the seating area on the Faculty Club Green and to take with them your personal possessions. The Events Center will be locked after the procession leaves at 3:40 p.m. Do not leave any personal belongings there.

Doctoral students: Arrange in advance when and where you will meet up with your faculty hooder.

Stage Passes

The Stage Pass is a 3.5x11 card that is required to participate in the ceremony and is also used to record your contact information for the professional photographers.  Your name, degree, and hooder are pre-recorded and replayed during the ceremony.

  • You will pick up your stage pass during your check in process at the Events Center on the day of the ceremony
  • Please review your stage pass. If any corrections are needed, you must go to the Marching Order table to have a staff member assist you. Any changes will result in your card being read by a physical reader instead of the pre-recorded voice. Middle names will not be called during the commencement ceremony.
  • You MUST complete the back side of the stage pass. A free set of proof photos will be e-mailed to the address you provide in approximately two weeks. A photograph will be taken at the bottom of the ramp (master's students) and another while you are shaking hands with the Chancellor. Doctoral students will have a photograph taken when being hooded and at the bottom of the ramp.
  • It is very important that you KEEP your stage pass with you to give to the announcer on the stage.
  • Doctoral students: Your stage pass also includes the name of your faculty hooder.​ If your hooder is unable to attend last-minute, please alert the Information Table and they will help to arrange to have another faculty member or Dean Genetti hood you.


  • Staff will be available to assist you with your regalia at the Events Center. Everyone is to wear their cap; the tassel can go on either side for graduate students.
  • Master's students will don their hoods before marching. Staff will demonstrate how to wear the hood and to help secure it in place. Doctoral students are to carry their hoods. 


  • This Line-up chart will also be on the sign-in tables and in strategic places throughout the Events Center
  • All Master's and Credential students will form a single line on the right side of the Events Center (as you face the EXIT door, scoreboard behind you). Students will not be lined up by major, but you may do so if you desire.
  • Doctoral students and their professors will form a single line on the left side of the Events Center facing the door where you will exit. Your professor lines up behind you. If your professor will be hooding more than one student, one student will line up in front of the professor and the other student(s) will line up behind.
  • Doctoral students whose faculty hooder will be sitting on the platform will line up without him/her at the Events Center. Your stage pass will note whether your hooder will be marching with you, or sitting on the platform. Your hooder will be watching for you and will join you on stage just before your name is announced.


  • Staff Marshals will lead two single lines, doctoral on the left, master's and credentials on the right.  At the Faculty Club Green, doctoral students and their faculty will be directed to sit on the left, master's and credentials on the right.
  • A seating chart showing where the various degrees will be seated on the Faculty Club Green is Available here.

Doctoral Hooding

Please read the following instructions carefully. While we will be there to assist you, it will be helpful for you to be very familiar with how the hooding will be conducted.

  1. Marshals will be there to alert you to when the time arrives for faculty and doctoral candidates to proceed to the platform. As you progress up the platform, the candidate will hold the hood. A staff member will be there to ensure that the hood is
    1. unbuttoned, and
    2. positioned to hand off (draped over your right arm).
  2. The candidate will hand their name card to a staff member at the top of the ramp. When the announcer takes possession of this card, faculty and candidate should proceed to the designated spot (marked with a large tape X).
  3. An Associate Dean will meet the student part way across the stage and take the hood. S/he will accompany you and the student to the spot marked with an X, where the hooding will take place in front of a photographer.
  4. TIPS

    1. Tall students should bend their knees slightly as the hood is being brought over their head. When in doubt, watch what others do and then do the same.
    2. Faculty members, if you are hooding more than one candidate, you will hood the first student as the student's name is read, then wait in place to hood the next student.
    3. If there are two faculty members hooding a student, the Associate/Dean will hand the prepared hood to the faculty member on the right hand side.
    4. Special note: re-buttoning and arranging of the hood should take place after the graduate and faculty have left the podium. Special celebrations (hugs, pictures, exuberant cheers) may take place off the stage at the bottom of the ramp.
  5. After the hood is in position, the student will turn and shake hands with the Dean. The candidate and faculty member will then proceed across the platform to shake hands with the Chancellor.
  6. After exiting the stage you will file back into the same row you were seated in before, approaching it from the left.

A Message for Our Graduating Doctoral Candidates (2017 Commencement Ceremony) from UCSB Graduate Division on Vimeo.


Note: Master's students—one photograph will be taken at the bottom of the ramp. Please do not hold up the line for other impromptu photographs.

Note: Doctoral students—one photograph will be taken at the bottom of the ramp, one while being hooded, and one at the other ramp before you are seated again.

During and after the Ceremony

  • Students are asked to stay for the duration of the ceremony.
  • This is a joyous occasion, but a solemn one too. Please extend the courtesy to others that you would wish for yourself (such as turning off cell phones, etc).
  • The ceremony should conclude by 6:15 p.m. At the ceremony’s conclusion, the Marshals will lead the rows back up to the top of the center aisle. You may then disperse and join your families and friends.
  • Immediately after the ceremony, return gowns and hoods to the UCSB Bookstore tent. Graduates may keep their caps and tassels. Look for "Gown Return" signs at the far end of the Commencement site.


Personalized commencement announcements may be ordered at any time through our vendor


Your stage pass is also your photography slip. Please be sure to include your permanent email address indicating where your commencement ceremony photo proofs can be sent. Commencement photographs and DVDs will be available from GradImages.


Contact Graduate Division, Academic Services at: