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The University of California at Santa Barbara has a long-standing commitment to broadening participation in academia.
We can only maximize our potential as an institution of higher learning, benefit from the brilliance of the world’s population, and effectively address problems and advance society when we welcome into our community people from all walks of life.

Our goal is to provide a welcoming, collaborative, interdisciplinary research environment that thrives on the wide-ranging perspectives and experiences of a diverse population of students, a place where students can grow, excel and develop professionally, and one which will prepare them for careers of substance and impact.

We encourage you to apply to join our diverse community of scholars. Explore our programs and visit the campus! Our staff is ready to welcome you and answer your questions. We hope you will be in touch.

Dr. Carol Genetti 
 Anne and Michael Towbes Graduate Dean
UC Santa Barbara Graduate Division

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The UC Santa Barbara Graduate Scholars Program is a comprehensive program designed to provide incoming graduate students from underrepresented communities with the support and resources.

Learn more about the Graduate Scholars Program.

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2016 Graduate Student Cohort Highlights

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16% are First Generation College Students

22.4% identify as an Underrepresented Minority

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"UCSB is both a top-tier research-intensive university and a vibrant community that not only values and invests in its research, but also in its people. The university embraces and promotes diversity among researchers and scholars alike. My decision to study here is constantly reaffirmed as I interact with faculty, staff, and students across the campus.”

                                                             Lois Harmon
                                       Ph.D. Student in Education
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Graduate Dean’s Advisory Board on Diversity

Carol Genetti (Chair), Dean of the Graduate Division
Margaret Klawunn, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Miroslava Chavez-Garcia, Faculty Director for Graduate Diversity Initiatives
Jeffrey Milem, Dean of the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education
M. Scott Shell, Department of Chemical Engineering
Karen Myers
, Department of Communication
Javier Read de Alaniz, Department of Chemistry
Elizabeth Belding, Department of Computer Science
Tamsin German
, Department of Psychological ​& Brain Sciences
Ines Talamantez, Department of Religious Studies
Terence Keel, Department of Black Studies and History
Claudine Michel, Department of Black Studies
Bruce Kendall, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, Associate Dean in the Graduate Division
Mary Hegarty, Department of ​Psychological & Brain Sciences, Associate Dean ​in the Graduate Division
Ana Romero
, Graduate Diversity and Outreach Peer
Daniel Meza, Graduate Diversity and Outreach Peer


ChavezGarcia Miroslava Chavez-Garcia
Faculty Director of Graduate Diversity Initiatives
Walter Boggan
Director of Admissions, Outreach, and Diversity Initiatives
(805) 893-2322
Johnson Michele Johnson
Assistant Director of Diversity Initiatives
(805) 893-4424
Romero Ana Romero
Diversity and Outreach Peers
(805) 893-8994
Meza Daniel Meza
Diversity and Outreach Peers
(805) 893-8994