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Do you want to learn more about the available resources on campus? Check out the organizations below and view resources that were distributed at the 2016 New Graduate Student Orientation Resource Fair.

Adventure Programs
UCSB Adventure Programs improves campus and community lives by providing educational and recreational experiences through wilderness trips, outdoor recreation classes, ropes courses, and climbing center programs.

Arts & Lectures
Arts & Lectures annually presents more than a hundred events, from critically acclaimed concerts and dance performances by world-renowned artists to talks by groundbreaking authors and film series at UCSB and Santa Barbara-area venues.

Beyond Academia
The Beyond Academia conference at UC Santa Barbara is an annual event aimed at preparing graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in all stages and disciplines to pursue a wide range of career options after graduate school. Whether you are on the job market or just starting to explore career options, Beyond Academia will help you create an action plan for your future.

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)
CAPS is committed to providing timely, culturally appropriate, and effective mental health services to our diverse UCSB student body, as well as professional consultation to faculty, staff, and families. All registered students are eligible for services at CAPS. When help is needed in sorting out a personal concern, CAPS is a resource for learning new skills in building self-confidence, relating to others, reducing stress, solving problems, and identifying options. 

Career Services
Career Services is a key resource and trusted ally to UCSB graduate students. As career development is our area of expertise, we work closely with PhD and Masters students in successfully navigating and achieving their career aspirations. We assist graduate students in three main areas that we’ve found to be pivotal to short- and long-term success: honing career focus and goals, acting strategically, and developing relationships and networking. We also understand the unique challenges that graduate students often face in regards to utilizing career services, including limited time, inconvenience, and potential conflicts of interest with advisor/department, and we support these needs through a partnership with Career Services and the Graduate Division.
PhD and Masters Career Timeline
Tips for New Masters Students
Tips for New PhD Students

Campus Learing Assistance Services (CLAS)
At CLAS, we help students understand course concepts, engage students in the learning process, guide students toward discovering solutions to problems, and encourage students to become independent thinkers and lifelong learners.
2016 Fall Calendar
Study Skills Specialist Appointment Hours

Community Housing Office
A one-stop resource for rental housing information and dispute resolution available to students, faculty, staff, and property providers.

Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships (CSEP)
The mission of CSEP is to strengthen UCSB’s capacity to play a leading role in the education and professional development of current and future scientists and engineers. Activities include efforts to increase participation and diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields, both to improve general scientific literacy and to meet national workforce needs.
CSEP Opportunities
Professional Development Series

English for Multilingual Students (EMS)
The English for Multilingual Students Program offers courses for undergraduate and international graduate students for whom English is not the first language. These courses help students develop English proficiency for academic and professional contexts.

Graduate Scholars Program (GSP)
The Graduate Division's Graduate Scholars Program aims to provide a welcoming, collaborative, interdisciplinary research environment that thrives on the wide-ranging perspectives and experiences of a diverse population of students, a place where students can grow, excel and develop professionally, and one which will prepare them for careers of substance and impact. Click the link above to find out more about related resources.

Graduate Student Association (GSA)
The GSA is the elected representative government for UCSB graduate students and offers activities, grants, and opportunities to get involved on campus.
What does GSA offer?

Graduate Student Resource Center (GSRC)
Located on the first floor of the Student Resource Building (Room 1215), the GSRC is a resource for graduate students seeking help with many aspects of graduate student life, including funding applications, writing and editing, and navigating the job search process. The GSRC runs the GradPost, UCSB's graduate student blog with information on grad-related news, events, and professional development opportunities. We also offer information and referrals to other campus entities that assist graduate students.

Health and Wellness
UCSB's Health & Wellness Program promotes the mental, physical, and social health of all students by enhancing individual skills and positive relationships with families, peers, and the UCSB/Isla Vista community.

Hosford Counseling & Psychological Services Clinic
The Hosford Clinic is a university-based community clinic that is designed to provide culturally sensitive, low-cost individual, couple, family, and group psychological treatment to the entire Santa Barbara community. We serve the general public as well as students, faculty, and staff from our local universities/colleges. The Hosford Clinic serves as a training site for students in the Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology (CCSP) of the University of California, Santa Barbara and as a clinical-research facility for the faculty and students of the CCSP Department.
Services Information

Housing & Residential Services
Explore UCSB resources surrounding residences, dining services, and conference services.

Instructional Development
Instructional Development is devoted to ensuring excellence in both undergraduate and graduate instruction at UCSB. Instructional Development addresses the needs of faculty and teaching assistants ​over a tremendous range of subject matter, teaching philosophies, methods, styles, and technologies through instructional consulting and evaluation; technical media production support; and technical media display support.

UC Santa Barbara Library enables exploration and collaboration for scholars in their intellectual engagement with the world of ideas and the creation of knowledge through available resources and events.
Graduate Student Services

MultiCultural Center (MCC)
The MultiCultural Center has been at the forefront of change for 27 years – educating, empowering, and advocating for marginalized communities. Through the medium of high-powered educational programming, the MCC has been an agent for change on campus and in the greater Santa Barbara area. By partnering with academic departments, departments within the division of Student Affairs, and student groups, the Center conceptualizes and presents scholarly programs, performances, art shows, and facilitated discussions that enhance our awareness and inclusivity of all people.

Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment / Title IX Compliance
The Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment / Title IX Compliance (OEOSH/TC) is composed of two departments that are responsible for the University's compliance with federal and state laws and University policies and procedures regarding issues of discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment and sexual violence involving students, staff, and faculty.

Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS)
OISS serves UCSB's international students and scholars as well as departments who work with the international population. OISS provides immigration support for the UCSB community, advising for international students, and cultural programming. We can help you find the resources you need to thrive at UCSB.

Office of Student Life (OSL)
The home to registered campus organizations and student leadership development programs, OSL hosts a variety of special initiatives including After Dark Late Night Social Programs, CommUnity Grants, and Student-Initiated Outreach Programs.
Graduate Services

O​mbuds Office
The Office of the Ombuds is a safe place to come and discuss workplace issues, interpersonal conflict, academic concerns, bureaucratic runarounds, and many other problems. ​They serve faculty, staff, students, parents, ​and anyone else with a campus-related concern. All discussions are kept confidential. You can get in touch with ​them as a first step, as a last resort, or at any point along the way.

Recreation Center (RecCen)
Offering a wide variety of activities, programs, services and facilities for students, faculty/staff, the community, the RecCen is where Gauchos "Find Their Fit."

Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity (RCSGD)
The RCSGD, located on the ​third floor of the Student Resource Building, works with ​the campus to ensure that LGBTQ identities, experiences, and concerns are represented and addressed at UCSB. The center aims to create a vibrant and engaging environment through social and educational programming, volunteer and leadership opportunities, a comfortable and welcoming social and study space, and professional and student staff members for support and advocacy. The RCSGD hopes that all LGBTQ students can thrive at UCSB by feeling safe, affirmed, and valued on campus.

Student Health
Student Health strives to provide high-quality & accessible healthcare, student-focused and convenient patient care, respect & celebration of campus diversity, and campus-wide collaborations promoting health and student success.
2016-2017 Gaucho Health Insurance Plan - Aetna highlights
Aetna Plan Full Guide 2016-17
After Hours Care
Student Health Brochure

Transportation & Parking Services (TPS)
An innovative and self-sustaining department, TPS supports the UCSB mission by providing safe and reliable parking, fleet services, and transportation alternatives to our campus community. Check out the website for information on parking permits, what to do when you receive citations, and commuter options.

Women’s Center/CARE
CARE provides both advocacy and education on issues of interpersonal violence, including sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking. CARE advocates are confidential, which means that students can speak privately with an advocate while exploring all options and resources. Because an incident of interpersonal violence can impact so many different aspects of someone’s life, CARE advocates work closely with a survivor to navigate emotional, academic, housing, medical, reporting, and/or financial support and guidance. CARE also provides ongoing programming, education and training on interpersonal violence prevention to the campus community on topics like consent, bystander intervention, and how to help a friend.

Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE)
WiSE is a nonprofit campus organization that promotes equal opportunity for women and girls in science and engineering​ in order to improve their scientific and career advancement. WiSE encourages the participation of all science/engineering undergraduates, graduates, researchers, faculty, and professionals in the Santa Barbara area.