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PHASE 1 – 2013-'14-'15

Climate Justice Futures: Movements, Gender, and Media

Sociology – Film & Media Studies

Project Summary

The Climate Justice Futures project brought together faculty and graduate students from Film Studies, Sociology, Feminist Studies, and English to explore how marginalized communities respond to and influence the international dialog around climate change. Their goal was to deepen both academic and public understandings of this topic, and to provide engaging classroom work and film-making opportunities to undergraduates interested in environmental justice and climate change. The group pursued these goals through deliberations about the meaning of “climate justice” and the interactions between media and the environment. These deliberations then lead to co-creating three new undergraduate courses which introduced students to approaches for critically evaluating media and used role playing to give students first-hand experience in dealing with climate justice issues. Additionally, these interdisciplinary group discussions contributed to two academic books.

Faculty Investigators

Kum Kum Bhavnani

John Foran

Janet Walker
(Film & Media Studies)


Corrie Ellis

Zachary King

Sarah Jane Pinkerton
(Feminist Studies)

Christopher Walker


Symposium website
 Climate futures: Re-imagining Global Climate Justice