Financial Support

PHASE 2 – 2016-'17-'18

Unconscious Mind

English – Neuroscience – Computer Science

Project Summary

Currently In Progress – bringing together faculty and graduate students with backgrounds in English, Psychology, Developmental Biology, and Computer Science in an effort to define the nature and significance of unconscious memory, integrating relevant research from neuroscience on the human memory (and, within this, the unconscious memory) with the field of artificial intelligence and the rich elaborations on the unconscious from literary studies.

Faculty Investigators

Sowon Park

Michael Gazzaniga
(Psychological & Brain Sciences)

Ken Kosik
(Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology)

Matthew Turk
(Computer Science)


Tejas Aralere

Madeleine Gross
(Psychological & Brain Sciences)

Isaac Mackey Isaac
(Computer Science)

Aili Pettersson Peeker

Daniel Martini Tybjerg
(Comparative Literature)