Financial Support

Program Details and Support Provided

Program Details

Faculty members and doctoral students collaborate on one or more year-long research projects through the auspices of a team-taught graduate seminar that includes the fellows as well as other graduate students.

The research is then translated into the undergraduate classroom and/or for appropriate fields, like the professional Master’s classroom.

UCSB Crossroads participants are encouraged to sign up for GRAD 210, the UCSB Graduate Division's c designed for graduate students interested in a career in college and university teaching.

A goal of the Crossroads program is to enhance undergraduate learning through the infusion of research into the curricula. 

Fellowship Support

Crossroads projects involve three (or more) faculty members from at least two departments. Each project receives support for three to five doctoral students as Crossroads Fellows. For one quarter, they receive fellowship support from the Graduate Division and for one quarter they are supported as TAs or Associates, with funding provided by the Dean of the participating academic College or Division.

Up to $1,000 per Fellow may be available to support research activities associated with the project; these funds can be pooled to assist an entire project.

For more information on how to submit a faculty proposal or to join the program as a UCSB Crossroads fellow, contact Josh Kuntzman at