Graduate Handbook

Graduate Student Handbook

This Handbook is a collection of key pages on the Graduate Division web site that outline policies and procedures governing graduate education at the University of California, Santa Barbara. It is intended for use by department chairs, graduate advisors, research advisors, faculty mentors, graduate program assistants, and graduate students. If additional information is needed, please consult the resources available on departmental web sites, as well as other sections of the Graduate Division web site. Also, please feel free to contact the Graduate Division for more information, (805) 893-2277.

Policies and procedures outlined in the Graduate Division Handbook and web site are subject to change upon approval by the Graduate Council and/or Graduate Dean. The University of California separates policy and authority (Graduate Council) from administrative procedure and practice (Graduate Division), but the two are closely linked through the delegation of certain duties to the Graduate Dean. The Graduate Dean in turn delegates some authority to department graduate advisors. The goals of graduate education are thus met through close cooperation among the Graduate Council, the Graduate Division, and department graduate advisors.

NOTE: For the sake of brevity, throughout our web site we refer to "departments" as the primary units that advise and train graduate students. In some cases, schools and programs serve this function, and the policies and procedures described herein apply to these units as well.

Graduate Division Mission Statement

The Graduate Division facilitates and coordinates graduate education. We provide student services for all graduate academic and professional programs at the University of California, Santa Barbara. It is our goal to promote academic excellence in graduate degree programs; to foster a diverse and inclusive graduate community of domestic and international students; and to cultivate for all graduate students both an intellectually challenging and socially supportive academic environment.

In cooperation with faculty, students, and staff, the Graduate Division implements academic preparation and recruiting programs to achieve a highly qualified and diverse student body reflective of the state of California and the greater academic community. The Graduate Division provides information about and admission to all graduate programs; administers graduate standards of scholarship and policy as defined by the University of California and the Graduate Council of the UC Santa Barbara Academic Senate; and encourages the development and success of students through workshops, training activities, counseling, and initiatives which promote timely degree completion. The Graduate Division also administers internal and external funding sources for students and programs; administers UC and campus policies concerning graduate academic apprentice appointments. Participating in the development and review of new and current graduate academic programs, the Graduate Division supports departmental initiatives to advise, train, and place graduate students in academic and professional positions.

The Graduate Division is committed to excellence in academic innovation, collaboration, and exploration in UC Santa Barbara graduate education.