To receive a SUMMER DEGREE CONFERRAL using Spring Registration or Filing Leave, the deadline to file is September 10, 2021.

To receive a FALL DEGREE CONFERRAL using Spring/Summer Registration or Filing Leave, the deadline to file is September 17, 2021.

What You Need to Know

There are two action items that are required in order for you to formally meet the filing deadline:

1) Submit your electronic thesis/dissertation online at ProQuest. You do not need to send the Graduate Division any additional confirmation of your submission or copy of your work. We receive email confirmation whenever a thesis/dissertation is submitted.

2) Email your thesis/dissertation approval page to academics@ This thesis/dissertation approval page is the “signed signature page” that includes all of your committee members electronic signatures. We will accept this via DocuSign or simply as an emailed PDF.


Frequently Asked Questions

Not necessarily, many of your questions can be answered by reading through the guides and policies below. We also conduct a thorough check of your formatting after you submit on Proquest and we notify you if we have requests for changes.

Guide to Formatting
Downloadable Templates
Filing Checklist
All Filing Related Matters

Please be sure that projects and exams are completed by the filing deadline you are trying to meet:

• September 10 for Summer degree conferral
• September 17 for Summer degree conferral

Finals projects need to be completed by these dates. If a final project is tied to a class, we will need the grades to be uploaded by the instructor by the grade submission deadline. 

If you are registered this quarter, we will need your final grades before we can award your degree —this applies to any units you are enrolled in regardless of the grading letter, p/np or s/u.

The system has no way of knowing that you have completed your final project/exam/thesis dissertation until your degree has been finalized by the Registrar’s Office.

You may see a charge on your BARC for the next quarter as the system does its scheduled fee assessments.

There are two actions you can take:

1) Log into GOLD* and go to Progress and Initiate New Petition to cancel the quarter

2) Wait until the third week of the following quarter for fees to be reversed. DO NOT pay the fees if you do not have plans to be registered in the subsequent quarter.

*International Students won’t be able to cancel on GOLD and will have to submit a Cancellation of Registration form to the Registrar’s. 

Processing time approximates to about 3-5 weeks.

If you have an employer or an institution who has hired you and is requesting verification by a certain date, please note that the fastest we can process rush requests are within 7 business days.

Please communicate with us and plan accordingly so that we can help you with your needs.

For more information

Email Academic Services or visit the Filing Your Thesis, Dissertation, or DMA Supporting Document section of the Graduate Division website.