Career & Professional Development

Career and Professional Development

The Graduate Division and other campus departments want to provide all graduate students with the resources necessary to be successful in securing a satisfying and rewarding career. As a graduate student at a research-intensive university like UC Santa Barbara, you will learn and acquire many skills relevant to careers in your coursework, in your research experiences, through mentoring relationships, and through department, discipline-specific and campus-wide events like seminars, lectures, conferences, and workshops. The Graduate Division has identified 17 skills that all graduate students should develop throughout their graduate school career.


For each skill, we have identified the following resources:

  • On-campus resources: Both in-person and online resources available from a variety of campus sources, including support units and faculty
  • Off-campus resources: Top resources compiled from other universities, nonprofit organizations, and other entities, including discussion forums, online articles, tutorials, and books
  • Suggested activities: Concrete activities geared toward improving your skills
  • GradPost articles: The latest tips, advice, and resources from the Graduate Peer Advisors and other UCSB staff
  • Events: Upcoming events on campus focused on specific professional development skills to help you develop into a successful career professional

These resources are meant to serve as a complement to your coursework, your mentors’ advice, and the activities available in your home department. We invite you to use these resources throughout your time as a graduate student as you develop your skills and prepare for a successful career.