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Admitted Students

Congratulations on your admission to UCSB!

UC Santa Barbara each year attracts top graduate students and faculty from around the world to actively engage in interdisciplinary and collaborative research through 50 graduate programs and 100 interdisciplinary research institutes. You have been chosen from a highly competitive applicant pool to contribute to the research and teaching that is central to UC Santa Barbara's graduate community.

Now that you have been admitted, the following information will guide you on how to accept our offer, contact your department, get situated in Santa Barbara, and begin your graduate career.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your department or the Graduate Division. We are happy to assist you.

Step 1: Tell Us Your Decision

Statement of Intent to Register

To officially accept or decline our offer of admission, you must submit the online Statement of Intent to Register (SIR), located within your online application. Please submit the SIR as soon as possible - we are eager to hear from you!

If you have received a funding offer: In accordance with the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) resolution on financial support offers, we must be in receipt of your acceptance of your funding offer no later than April 15. In addition, you must also officially accept your offer of admission by submitting your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) via the graduate application system​ prior to June 15.

Step 2: Submit Required Documents

Send Final/Official Transcripts

To finalize your admission you must send final/official transcripts from all post-secondary educational institutions attended, at which you completed one or more full academic term (or equivalent), including community colleges, summer sessions, and extension programs. Unofficial transcripts, including those uploaded to your application, do not take the place of official documents under any circumstance. Final/official transcripts must be received before the first day of instruction of the quarter to which you are admitted. If you feel you will not meet this deadline please email to request an extension.

International applicants: read all information below to ensure proper compliance.

Official transcripts must be sent to the UC Santa Barbara Graduate Division directly from the institution. If sending paper documents by mail, official transcripts must be sent to the UC Santa Barbara Graduate Division directly from the school in the institution's sealed envelope, with all official seals and stamps intact. If sending electronic ​documents, transcripts must be sent directly from the institution's official transcript or document delivery service to

UCSB Graduate Division mailing address:

UCSB Graduate Division
Attn: Graduate Admissions
3117 Cheadle Hall
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-2070

Official transcripts must show:

  • All courses taken
  • Credits or hours
  • Grades or marks in each course
  • Rank or class level, if given
  • Institutional grading scale, including maximum and failing grades
  • Type of degree awarded or in progress (e.g., Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science), and the date of the award if the program is complete

Please note that transcripts are not considered final until all degrees reported have been finalized and conferred.  Records submitted to UCSB will not be copied, returned, or sent to another institution.

The deadline to submit any documents still needed by the Graduate Division in order to clear your provisional admissions status is the first day of instruction during your first quarter at UCSB.  As documents are received, the notes in your decision letter will be updated to reflect any items that are still pending. Once all required documents and materials have been received and processed, your admissions status will be updated to "Unconditional."

Records from international institutions:  All transcripts and translations must be received in envelopes sealed and stamped by the school. All academic documents should be sent in the native language along with authorized, complete, and exact, literal English translations by the school or an official agency. Unofficial copies made by the applicant or UC faculty and staff are unacceptable.

Records from Chinese Universities: Applicants submitting transcripts and degree certificates from Chinese Universities are required to arrange for a verification report of your university transcript with the China Academic Degree and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC). The report must be mailed directly to the UCSB Graduate Division by the CDGDC, rather than by you or any third party​ and must include all transcripts and degree certificates in the native language along with complete and exact, literal English translations.

China Academic Degree and Graduate Education Development Center
Verification Division
B-17, Tongfang Scientific Plaza
No.1 Wangzhuang Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100083, P.R.China
Tel: 86-10-82379480
Fax: 86-10-82378718

Step 3: Complete Steps to Enrollment

Submit Statement of Legal Residence

Next, you will need to submit your Statement of Legal Residence (SLR). Please allow 5-10 business days after you submit your SIR before proceeding with this form. If you attempt to log-on to this form and receive the “NO VALID QUARTER FOUND” message, your admission/readmission information has not yet been fully processed. Please try to log-on again at a later date. Your PIN for the SLR is the last four digits of your social security number. If you did not provide an SSN in your online application, your PIN is “0000”. If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar at or 805-893-3033.

Obtain a UCSB Net ID and Umail

Next, you will need to obtain a UCSB Net ID and activate your UCSB university email account (umail). Please allow 5-10 business days after you submit your SIR before proceeding with this setup. Your UCSB Net ID will be used to access most student systems including the course registration system, housing preferences site, and the billing office to view and pay your fees and tuition. Please visit the UCSB Identity Manager and select "I am…A New or Current Student with a Perm Number." Follow the steps to set-up your UCSB Net ID. Your umail account will be You can access your umail account here:

International Students

For information on mandatory requirements for newly admitted international students, please visit the International Applicants information page and the Office of International Students and Scholars.

Step 4: Connect With UCSB

Contact Your Department

Your department can provide you with complete information about your graduate program. Department faculty and staff are eager to hear from you and welcome questions. We recommend that you contact the Graduate Program Assistant for your department and ask to be put in touch with faculty and current graduate students in your specific area of interest.

New Student Page

Visit our New Students Page for information about housing, transportation, campus orientations, the local area, frequently asked questions, and more.

Graduate Student Resource Center (GSRC)

Get connected to the Graduate Student Resource Center, where you can find resources and information on ​many aspects of graduate student life. The GSRC also houses graduate peer advisors who are available to speak with you about issues related to funding and finances, writing and editing, professional development, and more. For a list of the current graduate peer advisors and their office hours, click here.

UCSB GradPost

Subscribe to the UCSB GradPost, which is the go-to website for news about graduate student life at UCSB, including information about events and workshops, graduate students profiles, and tools for academic success. To receive regular updates, sign up for the GradPost e-mail digest or follow on Facebook and Twitter.

Step 5: Begin Your Graduate Career


The Office of the Registrar will send you an email shortly after you submit your SIR. This email contains important enrollment information and a link to the Registrar’s Welcome New Students web page. Please read the Welcome New Students information carefully as it is your source for registration instructions.

If you do not receive this email by late June, please contact the Office of the Registrar at or 805-893-3592.

New Graduate Student Orientations and Welcome Receptions

New graduate students will have multiple opportunities to meet fellow graduate students, staff, and learn about the university and its resources. For more information on the various orientations for graduate students, visit the Graduate Division's New Students Page.

Additionally, you will receive information ​from the Graduate ​Division about a number of welcome receptions for incoming graduate students. Be sure to check your email regularly for updates.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact your academic department or the Graduate Division with any inquiries. We are happy to help.