Instructions for Faculty Hooders who are part of the Chancellor’s Platform Party

Check-in and Regalia Pick up at Hatlen Theater

  • All faculty need to check-in with staff outside of Hatlen Theater (map) between 11:00-11:30 a.m. (Friday, June 14, 2019).
  • Faculty who reserved regalia will pick it up at Hatlen Theater.
  • Faculty who own their own regalia should plan to arrive at the Hatlen Theater by 11:30 a.m.
  • Lunch will be served in Hatlen Theater for participating faculty from 11:00 - 12:00 p.m.
  • Please allow for extra time to pick up your regalia as there may be lines.
  • Staff will be available at Hatlen Theater and on the patio outside Theater and Dance to assist you with your regalia and in lining up.
  • Please return your regalia to Hatlen Theater once the ceremony concludes.

Assembly and Marching Information

  • As part of the Chancellor's Platform Party, you will line up just outside Hatlen Theater on the side of Theater and Dance overlooking the Commencement Green. If you are also hooding, your student(s) will report to the Events Center to march in the student procession, separately from you.
  • The student-faculty procession will leave the Events Center at 12:40 p.m. The Chancellor's Platform Party will leave Theater and Dance after the student procession has reached the Commencement Green at 1 p.m.

Timing of Hooding

  • The hooding of doctoral candidates will begin around 2 p.m., before the conferral of Master’s degrees. Students whose faculty is seated with the Platform Party will be dispersed throughout the line-up that assembles and marches from the Events Center. Staff will be on the platform to coordinate the movement of faculty and students across the platform.
  • Watch for your doctoral student in the crowd.  When you see your student approach the photography station, leave the stage and meet your student there for photographs.


Please read the following instructions carefully. While we will be there to assist you, it will be helpful for you to be very familiar with how the hooding will be conducted.

  1. Marshals will be there to alert you to when the time arrives for faculty and doctoral candidates to proceed to the platform (stage). As you progress up the platform, the candidate will hold the hood. A staff member will be there to ensure that the hood is unbuttoned, and positioned to hand off (draped over your right arm).
  2. The candidate will hand their stage pass to a staff member at the top of the ramp. When the announcer takes possession of this card, faculty and candidate should proceed to the designated spot (marked with a large tape X).
  3. An Associate Dean will meet the student part way across the stage and take the hood. S/he will accompany you and the student to the spot marked with an X, where the hooding will take place in front of a photographer. 
      • Tall students should bend their knees slightly as the hood is being brought over their head. When in doubt, watch what others do and then do the same.
      • Faculty members, if you are hooding more than one candidate, you will hood the first student as the student's name is read, then wait in place to hood the next student.
      • If there are two faculty members hooding a student, the Associate/Dean will hand the prepared hood to the faculty member on the right hand side.
      • Special note: re-buttoning and arranging of the hood should take place after the graduate and faculty have left the podium. Special celebrations (hugs, pictures, exuberant cheers) may take place off the stage at the bottom of the ramp. 
  4. After the hood is in position, the student will turn and shake hands with the Dean. The candidate and faculty member will then proceed across the platform to shake hands with the Chancellor.
  5. After exiting the stage you will file back into the same row you were seated in before, approaching it from the left.
  6. Please watch this hooding demonstration​ video.


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