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PHASE 2 – 2016-'17-'18

Visualizing Environmental Models

Environmental Science & Management – Computer Science

Project Summary

Currently In Progress – bringing together graduates and faculty with backgrounds in Computer Science, Statistics, and Environmental Modeling to explore ways of making visualizations of environmental data more transparent, interactive, and comprehensible.

Faculty Investigators

Christina (Naomi) Tague
(Ecohydrologist, Environmnetal Science & Management)

James Frew
(Ecohydrologist Information scientist: Environmental Science & Management)

Tobias Hollerer
(Computer Science)

John O'Donovan  
(Computer Science)


Willam Burke
(Environmental Science & Management)

Rachel Torres
(Environmental Science & Management)

Ehsan Sayyad
(Computer Science)

Yi Ding
(Computer Science)

Other Key Participants


Wendy Meiring
(Statistics & Applied Probability)