Part-time status for graduate students is at the discretion of the Dean of the Graduate Division.

Graduate students may request part-time status for reasons below:

  • Health
    • Reduction in units must be supported by a licensed medical provider for medical reasons.
  • Occupation
    • Off-campus employment of 30 or more hours per week
  • Family Responsibilities
    • Established on a case-by-case basis for reasons such as (but not limited to) childcare responsibilities, care of ill family members, etc.

International students are only eligible for part-time status for health. 

If approved for part-time status, a student shall only register in a maximum of 6.0 units. To qualify for financial aid, registration in 4-6 units is recommended. Students must petition for approval of part-time status for tuition reduction to take effect. 

Part-time status comes with the following reduction of fees:

  • One-half of the tuition fee
  • One-half of the non-resident supplemental tuition fee
  • One-half of the professional fee
  • Campus-based fees and UCSHIP fees are NOT reduced

Tuition and fees will initially be assessed at the full rate and will be reduced at week 5 of the Quarter. Students who are unable to pay the full amount of fees up front, can contact BARC to request a payment plan. 


Who can apply: 

  • Terminal master’s degree students 

  • Teaching credential students 

  • Doctoral students who have not yet advanced to candidacy 

Terms and Conditions

  • Graduate students who are approved for part-time status remain eligible for financial aid, however, the amount would be adjusted based on the amount of tuition assessed. 

  • If students are approved for part-time status and enroll in more than 6.0 units, then their fee reduction will be reversed, and full fees will be charged.  

  • Part-time students are eligible to receive fellowship for health insurance, tuition, and non-resident supplemental tuition.  

  • Part-time students are NOT eligible for fellowship stipends. 

  • Part-time students are eligible for the following academic appointments:

    • Teaching Assistant: Allowed via employment exception. Limited to a maximum of 25% time.
    • Graduate Student Researcher: Allowed via employment exception. Limited to a maximum of 25% time
    • Reader: Allowed via employment exception. Limited to a maximum of 25% time.
    • Tutor: Allowed via employment exception. Limited to a maximum of 25% time.
  • Part-time students are NOT eligible to hold a Teaching Associate position. No exceptions will be considered. 

Application Requirements 

  • Students must submit the petition to the Graduate division by the published deadline in order to be considered. The following documentation are required: 

    • For health reasons: a letter from a licensed medical provider recommending a reduction in course load  

    • For occupational reasons: documentation, such as a pay stub, that indicates off-campus employment of 30 or more hours per week 

    • For family responsibility: a memo describing family related responsibilities

  • In the event that the department does not endorse the petition, a memo of explanation by the Department Chair or Graduate Advisor, must accompany the petition.


Yes. University & Community Housing Services allow one quarter at a deficit load per the contract, and students can petition for additional quarters as needed.  

No, petitions must be submitted in advance of the quarter. Petitions submitted after the third week of a quarter cannot be considered.  

No, the reason is that part time status uses registered units as the determining factor for the reduction of usage of  campus resources that warrant a tuition reduction.  Once a student is advanced to candidacy, they take  independent study courses, where there is little difference between the campus resources and faculty time used for a four‐unit or eight‐unit 599 course.

No, UC policy does not allow students who receive the two-thirds staff tuition reduction to also receive the part-time reduction.