A student who has a lapse in registration must petition to return to registered status.

To reinstate, the student and department must complete and submit to the Graduate Division a Petition for Reinstatement to Graduate Status.

Please note that reinstatement is not guaranteed; approval is at the discretion of the department and the Graduate Dean.

Petition for Reinstatement to Graduate Status


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The department should consider a number of factors when approving reinstatement, including:

  • Was the student having trouble meeting academic requirements when lapsed status occurred?
  • Have departmental resources supporting the student's area of interest diminished?
  • Have faculty with whom the student previously worked left UCSB?

Please note that fall quarter reinstatement is required for all students in lapsed status who plan to enroll in Summer Sessions courses to fulfill a degree milestone (i.e. advancing to doctoral candidacy) or complete a degree. Students must register in a minimum of one unit during one summer session. If the final degree is conferred during summer, fall registration will be cancelled.

See the Office of the Registrar's Calendars and Deadlines for the deadline to submit a Petition for Reinstatement to Graduate Status.

For requirements and instructions, see the Petition for Reinstatement to Graduate Status.