The International Doctoral Recruitment Fellowship (IDRF) is automatically awarded to all new international doctoral students, which pays for a significant portion of the non-resident supplemental tuition (NRST) that international doctoral students are charged. This fellowship commenced with the incoming class of Fall 2015.

Doctoral students who are neither US citizens nor Permanent Residents, (i.e., international students) are charged non-resident supplemental tuition (NRST) until they advance to candidacy. Currently this charge is $15,102 annually.

The IDRF pays non-resident supplemental tuition (NRST) in full, commencing in the student’s fourth quarter of enrollment – typically the start of their second year – and continues until the student has advanced to candidacy, provided that the student stays within their program’s official time-to-advancement standards approved by the Graduate Council and remains in good academic standing. Once advanced to candidacy, international students receive a waiver of non-resident supplemental tuition (NRST) for up to nine registered quarters while completing their degree.

Note that the IDRF does not cover NRST charged during the first year of doctoral study; however, many doctoral students receive other fellowships from either the Graduate Division or their academic departments that pays this cost.