Parenting Accommodations for Graduate Employment

Graduate students who are employed as Academic Student Employees (ASEs) or Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs) are eligible for limited paid and unpaid leave options related to pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. Additionally, ASEs and GSRs may apply for reimbursement of some eligible childcare expenses. All of the policies and benefits outlined on this page are administered by the UCSB Academic Personnel office.

To view academic accommodations available to graduate students with children, including a leave of absence and an extension on time to degree, visit th Academic Parenting Accommodations page.

Guiding Principles

The Parenting Accommodation Policy for Graduate Students is by no means designed to replace the communication and cooperation between student and advisor, and the good-faith efforts of both to accommodate the arrival of a new child in the home by birth, adoption, or foster placement, or the care of a child with a serious illness. It is the intention of this policy to reinforce the importance of that cooperation, and to provide support where needed to make that accommodation possible.

See also the Parenting Accommodation Policy for Academic Accommodations

For More Information

  • For questions related to parenting accommodations and benefits for ASEs, you may contact Billy Ko in Academic Personnel or a member of the UAW-2865 union chapter at UCSB.
  • For questions related to parenting accommodations and benefits for GSRs, you may contact Billy Ko in Academic Personnel.