Many campus centers and departments offer funding specifically for UCSB graduate students. Summary details are available below—please see the relevant websites for the most up-to-date information, full application materials, and deadlines. For more support on finding funding, visit the GradPost's Funding Resources page.

Questions? Email our Financial Services team.

Academic Senate Doctoral Student Travel Grant

Deadline: Application must be received at least 21 calendar days prior to travel.

Eligibility: Applicants must be doctoral students and advanced to candidacy, or if MFA students, must be in their second year and in candidacy prior to travel.

Travel funding is available to attend a major professional conference at which the applicant will present a paper, present research, perform, or exhibit. Students are eligible to receive two in-person Doctoral Student Travel Grants, one of which may be used for international travel, during their graduate career at UCSB. A student who receives a grant for a virtual conference will still be eligible to receive two grants for in-person conferences.  
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Maximum funding is as follows:

  • $250 Virtual
  • $450 California
  • $900 All other U.S. locations (except those restricted by AB 1887), Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico
  • $1,500 Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Central or South America, Europe, South Pacific​

Chicano Studies Institute Dissertation Grants

Eligibility: Graduate students must be advanced to candidacy for the research doctorate during the award period.

Research on topics pertaining to Chicana/o or Latina/o populations in the United States. Projects grounded in all academic fields are welcome with priority given to interdisciplinary research projects. Contact CSI for more information.

Award Amounts

The award amounts vary depending on available funds for the academic year.

Coastal Fund

Deadlines vary per major or minor funding
Eligibility: Anyone in the UCSB community

Proposals must preserve, protect, and enhance the terrestrial and marine habitats associated with the shoreline of UCSB through preservation, education, open access, research, or restoration and have relevance to the student community.  For more information


Minor funding of less than $1,000 and major funding of more than $1,000 is available.​​​​​​

Graduate Students Association Childcare Grant

Deadlines: Applications are due by the last day of the quarter in which a student completes a milestone activity listed above.or minor funding

The GSA Childcare Grant for Graduate Students is intended to promote graduate student success during certain required milestone activities of the graduate program. Approved graduate students with single-child households will receive an award of $250; graduate students with more than one child will receive an award of $150 per child, with a maximum award of $600. Grants are limited to one award per graduate student household per quarter, with a maximum of five awards allowed during a student’s academic tenure at UCSB. For more information


In order to qualify, you must be a registered graduate student, able to provide proof of dependents, be enrolled in a degree-granting program, and be able to provide documentation that you are currently completing one of the following milestone activities:

  • Completing comprehensive exams
  • Completing area exams
  • Preparing for a master’s thesis defense
  • Preparing a dissertation proposal
  • Preparing for a dissertation oral defense

Graduate Students Association Conference Travel Grant

Deadline: Applications are due on or before the last day of the quarter following the quarter during which the student attended the conference.
Eligibility: Applicant must not yet be advanced to candidacy at the time of attendance, and must be accepted to present original research data.

The GSA Conference Travel Grant is intended to help offset the costs of travel or registration fees at professional conferences in which a graduate student is presenting original research findings. For more information

Amount and Availability

Eligible students will receive up to $200 in reimbursement for registration or travel costs related to conference travel.

Travel grants are only available once per academic year.

Interdisciplinary Humanities Center Pre-doctoral Fellowships

Eligibility: Doctoral candidates and advanced MFA students whose research facilitates dialogue across the traditional disciplinary boundaries within the arts and humanities, and/or between the arts and humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Doctoral students must have advanced to candidacy by the application deadline. Visit the website

Fellowship Stipend

Each fellowship carries a stipend of $6,000, with payment of basic resident fees for one quarter of the academic year

Interdisciplinary Humanities Center Visual, Performing, and Media Arts Awards

Eligibility: All faculty and graduate students

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Award Amount

Annual awards (up to $1,500) to support innovative creative projects in the visual, performing, and media arts that engage with issues of interdisciplinary concern.

Interdisciplinary Humanities Center UC Graduate Collaborative Awards

Eligibility: All graduate students

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Award Amount

Annual collaborative project awards (up to $1,500) to encourage graduate student collaboration beyond the confines and conventions of particular departments and disciplines within the Arts & Humanities, and between the Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences

Interdisciplinary Humanities Center UC Graduate Fellows in the Humanities

Eligibility: Nominees must be enrolled in a doctoral program in the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts and be completing a doctoral dissertation. They must have advanced to candidacy, must maintain P2 graduate status during the academic year, and be in good academic standing

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Stipend and Research Support

A $22,000 stipend, payment of in-state fees and health insurance for the academic year, and up to $3,000 in research funds for students to complete their dissertations and to encourage the collaboration, interdisciplinary dialogue, and innovation that are fundamental to research in the humanities in the University of California.

Technology Management Program Harold Frank Scholar

Eligibility: Applicants must be either a undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in the College of Engineering at UCSB and in good academic standing and active in the Technology Management Program (TMP).

Visit the TMP website

Scholarship Details

The Technology Management Program is offering a scholarship to support students completing their undergraduate or graduate degree in engineering and are active in the Technology Management Program

Technology Management Program Young Innovator Scholar

These scholarships are open to all majors both graduate and undergraduate, who have demonstrated some form of "innovative passion" and are active in the Technology Management Program (TMP). Learn more 


Applicants must:

1) Be a graduate or upper division undergraduate student in any major
2) Demonstrate innovative interest(s)
3) Show evidence of a strong academic record
4) Demonstrate financial need

The Green Initiative Fund

Eligibility: Anyone in the UCSB community

Provides funding for projects that enhance the campus’ environmental, cultural, and economic sustainability. TGIF supports projects that provide renewable energy, increase energy efficiency, conserve water, reduce waste, educate the campus about environmental impacts, and facilitate strategic research to improve the campus’ operational sustainability. Learn more 

Award Details

The fund awards a total of about $150,000 to 10 to 12 projects per year.