Admissions & Outreach

Resources for Departments

Reaching out to prospective students to apply to UCSB is a collaborative effort across campus. The Graduate Division wants to work with department staff and faculty to attract a diverse and exceptional pool of applicants to apply to our graduate programs.

How can YOU help?

Provide us with your department marketing materials
If you have marketing materials (e.g. brochures, fliers, etc), send a small stack to Graduate Division and the Admissions and Outreach team will pass them out to prospective students at graduate school fairs and conferences. To see our schedule of upcoming outreach events, go to Recruitment Fairs and Events. Please send your materials to the Graduate Division Admissions and Outreach Unit, Mail Code 2070.

Join us at graduate school fairs and conferences
We encourage department staff, faculty and or graduate students to participate in recruiting events and speak to prospective students about specific program requirements, research, funding opportunities, and other departmental information.  To join us in these efforts, please contact the Admissions and Outreach Unit.

 How can WE help?

  • Give an admission presentation
  • Implement a strategic communication plan
  • Sit on a prospective student panel or serve as a guest speaker
  • Facilitate campus visits, including tours and presentations
  • Collaborate with admissions committee to identify and achieve goals
  • And more!

To reach out to the Admissions and Outreach team, please visit our Contact Page.