For fellowships in the Humanities and Social Sciences: 

Candidates whose research emphasizes issues such as diversity, multi-culturalism, and communities underserved by traditional academic research. Research which considers issues such as race, ethnicity, and/or gender as they relate to traditional academic fields is of particular interest. This includes research in such areas as community development, social justice, educational reform, economic development, public health and safety, and the dynamics of multi-cultural communities. Within these general parameters, research that invigorates traditional disciplines by challenging conventional paradigms or by using innovative methodologies such as interdisciplinary and comparative approaches is of special interest.

For fellowships in Math, Engineering, Life Science, and Physical Science: 

Candidates who have participated in teaching, mentoring, or outreach programs which promote educational opportunities for underrepresented students in higher education. For example, individuals who have volunteered in K-12 outreach programs or have served as mentors or tutors in programs designed to increase gender and racial diversity in mathematics, engineering, and the sciences are of special interest.