Fellowship Support

Funds are awarded on the basis of merit and promise of productive scholarship. Types of university awards and funding sources include centrally administered fellowships, department and campus gift and endowment funds, and departmental block grants. Fellowship funds could provide payment of any of the following: tuition and fees, health insurance, non-resident supplemental tuition, and stipend. A fellowship is any payment to a student that is not salary or direct reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses such as travel costs. All fellowships must be processed and disbursed by the Graduate Division.

Except for a selection of continuing fellowships (listed below), graduate students do not apply directly for central campus fellowships. Central fellowship awards are based on nomination by departments and selection by a central faculty fellowship committee. Departments may also award department-specific fellowships to incoming students based on their application materials or to continuing students based on nomination. Please contact your department’s graduate program assistant or graduate advisor for information about fellowships available to you.

For other fellowship opportunities, see Extramural Funding or Other UCSB Fellowships and Funding, as well as the International Doctoral Recruitment Fellowship (IDRF) for international students. 

Central Awards Applications

Continuing graduate students may apply directly to these fellowships by clicking the DocuSign forms in the links below. Please note for reference, a PDF version of the form is available to the right of each DocuSign link.

Note: The Broida-Hirschfelder Dissertation Award is not offered this year.

Brython Davis Graduate Fellowship

The Brython Davis Endowment Graduate Fellowship is designated for children of regular members of the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps. It provides one-quarter of fellowship support for a continuing graduate student. 

Brython Davis Graduate Fellowship DocuSign PowerForm  |  Reference Copy of Form

Olivia Long Converse Graduate Fellowship

The Converse Fellowship supports graduate research on terrestrial plants in Mexico. Fellowships will be granted for field-oriented studies. Both research and research-related travel expenses are appropriate. Awards may be made for one quarter (maximum stipend $8,000) or for one academic year (maximum stipend $24,000) and may be received more than once. 

Olivia Long Converse Graduate Fellowship DocuSign PowerForm  |  Reference Copy of Form

James D. Kline Fund for International Studies Award

This award is intended to support top caliber Masters thesis or doctoral dissertation research by UC Santa Barbara graduate students engaged in programs of study that promote international understanding and world peace. This fund is dedicated to James D. Kline, who was active in the Fulbright Program and the Education Abroad Program and devoted a lifetime to international education. 

James D. Kline Fund for International Studies Award DocuSign PowerForm  |  Reference Copy of Form

Humanities and Social Sciences Research Grant

This award is given to assist talented graduate students in education, social sciences, fine arts, and humanities to pursue original research. Since these disciplines traditionally have limited access to extramural funds, this program's purpose is to help redress an imbalance in funding for graduate research. Doctoral or MFA domestic and international students may apply. 

Humanities and Social Sciences Research Grant DocuSign PowerForm  |  Reference Copy of Form


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