Fellowships are awards that enable students to spend the majority of their time studying. It is anticipated that additional financial need should be minimal. The supplementation policy is designed primarily to ensure that excess service as an academic apprentice will not impede fellowship holders' graduate studies and to allow a distribution of University support funds among highly qualified students.

Supplementation Limits Chart



Supplementation of Extramural Awards

There is no limit on fellowship stipend from Extramural sources. However, the addition of campus sources of support cannot cause the total stipend provided to the student to exceed the Total-Maximum-Fellowship-Stipend shown below, without explicit approval from the Graduate Dean.

Total Maximum Fellowship Stipend (all campus sources)

$39,000 for the 9-month (Fall, Winter, Spring) period;
$52,000 for the 12-month (including Summer) period.

Maximum Fellowship Stipend - Academic Year (all campus sources)

$13,000 per academic quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Maximum Fellowship Stipend - Summer (all campus sources)

$13,000 (Summer)

Maximum Summer Support (all campus sources)

$13,000 summer quarter fellowship stipend (referenced above); or 100% employment; or the equivalent of 100% employment in combined fellowship and partial employment

Supplementation of Central Awards

Supplementing Central Awards is subject to the limits described above. Additionally, please refer to the student's specific central fellowship offer as it may have limitations on employment during the fellowship tenure (often maximum average of 35% for the Academic Year while on fellowship).