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Empower Graduate Research

Research is a critical component of the graduate student experience. However, some faculty do not have grants to cover these expenses. Gifts can be directed specifically to support the costs of graduate student research. This includes travel, equipment and advanced software. Learn more about the Research Accelerator, a special matching gift program aimed at propelling student research forward.

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Create Fellowships

Fellowships, essentially scholarships for graduate students, provide core financial aid as they help pay tuition, fees, and health insurance for our graduate students.  They strengthen UCSB's ability to compete with other institutions in recruiting top students. Learn more about the Dissertation Fellowship, a matching gift program that helps students complete their degree.

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Support Professional Success

The Graduate Division is a key player in priming graduate students for success beyond the diploma. We offer over 100 professional development workshops, and networking events per year to support graduate student career advancement. Learn more about Grad Slam, our award-winning campus-wide competition for the best 3 minute talk by a graduate student. Donations provide prize money for the winners as well as supporting all of the pre-competition workshops.

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Enhance Mentorship and Inclusion

The Graduate Scholars Program provides a community of diverse doctoral scholars with the academic, professional, and social support systems that will allow them to reach their educational and personal success. Gifts to the fund provide comprehensive support, mentoring, and services for incoming graduate students from populations that are traditionally underrepresented in the academy.

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Elevate Graduate Education

The Graduate Division plays a critical leadership role in preparing all graduate students at UC Santa Barbara to be outstanding in their careers on a state, national and international level. Gifts to the Dean’s Fund for Graduate Excellence and Innovation provide the Dean of the Graduate Division with flexible funding for emerging opportunities. Investments in this critical fund enable the Dean to advance the academic and professional development of graduate students and maximize their success.

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